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Friday, 6 January 2012

New year Blog Challenge

---A very Ad-libed Video---
Basically; I'm ashamed of my very little blog posts in most months of 2011; so I'm setting myself a challenge to blog twice a week using these guidelines. it's my New Years Blog Challenge (NYBC) and anyone can take part if you like the idea. Just do exactly as I do in the video or go with my ideas)

Watch the video; I'll upload the entire list when I can and I'll start today...... later.

Video is too big to be uploaded to here; says it's going to take an hour(so I give it an hour and it still says an hour) cus it's 1.4 GB (it's HD)

So I'm uploading it to Youtube - in a new Channel on my account.
It's called The Akitombo (akitombo was taken - how the hell I do not know)

And to watch the video here's the Link - video enjoy (I'll post the list in a minute too)

OK - Youtube's giving more acurate claims - 445 minutes. that's 7 and a half hours. nice.

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