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Monday, 1 February 2010

Knit Knit Knit - Loads of new Yarn :)


I have not completed anything in the past week so in this post I'm gonna list the sorta things that'll be going on this blog, that and write about some knitting stuff that I have going on at the moment.

----- Skills and Creative things I can do -----
  • I can Knit (basically; I have never tryed anything big, but all in due time)
  • I make Jewellery (beaded mostly, but I want to work with Pm3 clay at one point)
  • I can vaugely crochet (not really; But I taught myself Knitting so I can teach myself crochet too)
  • I can cross stitch (more on that later)
  • I scrapbook on occasion (some aren't very good, but aw well)
  • I'm pretty good at drawing :)
Urm, that's pretty much it lol.

----- At the moment -----

I know it's only the start of febuary, but I'm thinking of Valentine's day already. My other half's going to get a very special little heart knitted by me, hopefully attached to a tower of brownies/ cookies (havn't decided yet) for a little extra something on that day :)
And, because the only time I get to show off and Sell my creativity. I am planning
for the Xmas sale in Larne too. ( I nkow; Xmas just past, but that means all the kits, patterns and yarn for the Xmas season is on sale at the moment, so I save myself money :) Notes and a post to come on the xmas sale Items and what I'm taking/ making :)

I'm knitting bags and hearts
I'm Jewellery-making Frogs and bunnies in different colours.
I want the plan for making the Bunny hats I found on Etsy (by Born with it)
I want to start hats for Xmas sale
I will therfore need to find a head I can model them on :)

No pics this time, will make up for it, hopefully next Monday.

Luv to all

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