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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Experiments with Lions...

Hello again. This is the non-mushy version of my valentine's week lol


As of last week I completed my first ever tiny amigurumi, so, still in the swing of things I wnted to do more of them, to create a menagerie of Amigurumi (lol) so I prowled the internet and found some free crochet...which I'm not too comfortable with doing...

There were'nt very many knit patterns for Amigurumi, except for the bunnies which I already knew looks like I'm going to have to re-learn myself how to crochet.......eugh

------Non Amigurumi related knitting ----------

I found that I had 1 ball left over from the church sale's Scarfs, so, while I remember how I am going to Knit myslef up a scarf with that wool, I started last night and by the time of this post I'm about 3/4s of the way through it, I'm going to leave a little bit of the wool for tassels, which my GB officer showed me how to do, (after the sale lol) so with the speed I'm currently going at I should have the scarf done for the weekend, then I am going to concentrate on my knitted bags that I'm doing.
I need to work out a way to make the bottom of the bag stiff, like a 'Bag for Life' bag. I also need to work out a wat of tuning the fabric 90 degrees so that I work in a square, or bag shaped. Handles are also an issue.

------Little things I found out -------
While experimenting with wool and my 4mm needles (trying to do a cableing pattern, and failing) instead of ripping out the wool and starting again I cast off, then I joined up the wto ends, wanting to make something out of it at least. Finished , I looked at it and realised it looked a little bit like a Lion's Mane. (pictured) My Amigurumi senses kicked in ad I quickly (in my head) made the Bunny parren bigger and yeallow, like a Lion. I am hopefully going to get the new cotton wool in a sandy yellow today, so the next of my Amigumi menagere should be done by next week. (hopefully)

So that's it really, Lots to do this week, I also want to scrapbook a bit with the Valentine's tihings I got just before the weekend, with pics that I took while we were together :)

That's all, I'll blog again next week. Have a good Pancake Day (lol)


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