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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

1st ever Amigurumi - White Bunny


Yes,yes,yes, I know it's an extreamly long, unmentional time til Easter, however I found this gorgeous free knitting pattern for a little Amigurumi Bunny Rabbit. (link in free stuff label; when I re-find it) and I couldn't resist. I looked at the material list for making it and seen it needed Size 2mm (US size 0) knitting needles. I didn't even know they went that small. I searched my local Yarn shop and they only stocked needles sized 3 til 14mm.

Downhearted I wondered into a Barnardo's store, which I sometimes go into, for craft supplies and just general material, and the cashier behind the desk had a bucket...filled with knitting the brim... and there was a sticker saying '1 pair -49p 1 double ended -20p' ... I rushed over and began searching.

I found size 2 needles! I also bought size 3, pair of 6mm, another pair of 5mm and a 5mm double ended. I also bought a crochet hook (4mm/size 8). all in all, what would have cost me £15 in a normal Yarn shop only cost me £2. The size 2 needles are so tiny! it's like kniting with very long cocktail sticks lol.

So, I got my new stuff home and got out the bunny pattern and the white cotton I decided I would use and started. It took a little while to get used to the small needle size, but I managed to get though it with no mistakes. I made him so that he's sitting, cus then he looks better on my desk. and I found a little White pom-pom for his tail.

Now I just wanna make a whole family :), all in differnet colours, and make clothes for them lol.

Now that I've tried my first Amigurumi I want to make a whole lot more. So I'm probably going to get a book or check on the internet for patterns.

------ Valentine's Day ------

I'm planning on making my boyfriend something for Valentines (which is this weekend) I've already planned it and half-finished it, so that'll be a nice surprise for him. I can't write it here yet, cus he might read this through Facebook.
So I'll post that next week, completed and tell ya all how he liked it :)

Much Luv Aki

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