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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Sandy the Lion and a Secret surprise

Hellos X,X

Rawr!!! the Lion Amigurumi that I talked about Last week is hereby finished :). I'm calling him Sandy.

He's bigger than the first Amigurumi that I made....because ...lions are bigger than bunnies....O.O.

I made Sandy in the same way as Cottontail(bunny), with Rico cotton in a sandy (hehe) yellow colour and size 2 needles. Stiched the body first and then the limbs and the tail.

I so want to add a button to his belly; but finding a wooden one small enough is hard.
When taking a picture I usually leave it on the sofa; just for a minute, until I get my camera out. By the time I had, my dog had Sandy up on her sofa; trying to amputate a leg.

<=== Big Hug!!! ===

I am very happy with this little addition to my Amigurumi menagere. The next one I'm going to be making will have to be a surprise; as it's for my Mummy on Mother's Day (March 14th). I'm thinking along the lines of a butterfly (with arms and legs lol) or a bear in a dress with a banner saying 'Happy Mother's Day'. This will be, yet again, a design from my own mind.

--------- In Other news ---------

The Black-Grey scarf that I posted last time has been completed at last; just in time; because where I am we just got a weather warning for Snow...again...

I'll post again next week; probably with nothing done; because of a certain project that has been sprung apon me last moment; which I'm stressing out about. Ah well; all this running about'll make me sleep better anyway

Until next time :] Farewells XXX

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