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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Valentine's Day bliss =D

Hellos :)
I know a lot of the ppl who follow this blog, even through my Facebook, are not really interested in what Valentine's Day was for me, so Incase u only want to know what I've been crafting I'll past that seperatly and get on with the mushy, valentine-y stuff here

------------ Last week ---------- (aka Valentines week)

As I wrote previously; I decided to make my significant other something.... 'not store bought' for Val's Day. I finished the brownies and the little Heart mascot (link at the end) and gave it to him. He loved the brownies apparently (he wouldn't eat them in front of me for some reason) and the mascot has a little keyring attachment, so he could put it on his bag or something. I felt really proud of myself, because the heart looked great as I gave it to  him (I even gave it anime eyes =D)

Now: onto what I got from my beloved: I got 2 bunches of  flowers; roses and a bouquet. I, of course got a card (which was my first ever; and brilliant) I also got a Pandora Charm for my bracelet( a little puppy), lots and lots of chocolate (which has been put out of my mum's reach lol).         
I was also really surprised to get another Boofle plushie =), it's a little smaller than the first one but that means he can sit beside the big one on my bed. and look cute =D

Below is a picture of the heart mascot which I made for my other half. I got the pattern for an amigurumi Heart in plain red yarn. I changed it ever so slightly, by making it in  new wool, in a shade called Roxy which is ironic, since the website I got the pattern off was called Roxy. I assure you, it's not the same person lol.

My actual craft blog will come next :)

Toodles :D

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