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Tuesday, 21 February 2012


This was originally a Missing Day. I re-drew from the day topics left over and this is what came out


Another deep post.

What are you worth?
A lot of people would look at that Question and assume I'm going to ramble that you are worth Everything to God; And while that is True that's not what I am going to talk about.

Imagine you are under Terriorist attack. Your entire street. They post ransoms for everyone and everything in your street. What makes you worth more than say the girl next door, or the single guy up the street? What makes the Family of 4 worth more than the old couple with 7 grandchildren?

Now imagine you are the terrorists (not saying you are: stick with me) How do you post what every person is worth?

Should the Beatiful people be worth the most. That young teenage Girl next door is more beautiful than the old Lady who lives alone at the top of the street right? she should be worth more then? To the Girl's Parents She is the most beautiful Girl in the world. The Old Lady's Husband still believes she is the most beautiful person in the world. So who's right? Beauty is in the Eye of the beholder...

What about amount of close Family?
Should the Family of 4 Kids be worth more than the Old couple who live alone but have 15 grandkids who live far away? How about the Family who's just had their First little Baby? are they worth less than the Family which cannot have children?

Size of the house you live in?
So If your street is full with house of a normal 2 story houses should your life be worth less that the family next to you because they have a conservatory?

It's up to you. Logically every person should be worth exactly the same amount, but there are selfish people in this world who believe they are worth more than everybody else. Like-wise there are Selfless people who put themselves at the lowest possible worth. Society has a way of putting worth on people depending on all sorts of qualities.

Me? I believe that everyone is worth nothing. Or Everything. That way there's no fighting and Everyone will Love who they are.

Food for thought. Brain cookies if you will


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