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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Red Day

----Happy Red Day----

Today according to my Blog Calendar is Red Day. The Blog went through some changes on the background ect. This will be up for a week (until next tuesday) when things go back to normal.

To Honour Red Day I am knitting something Red (Craig's Gloves are mostly red and I'm wearing all the red I can. (yes: I'm even wearing Red underwear.) And I'm going to do something I don't normally do: I'm going to paint my toe-nails.

I hate my toenails. what's the point of painting them if no-one sees them? it's not even near the weather for my peep toed shoes yet; over here we're getting warnings of Frost, Ice and even the occasional snow. My tootsies would rather be nice and warm rather than showing off.

I'm also knitting a Red Smoothie Hat. Ok; I realise I haven't took pictures of these yet; but I'm waiting til I get to 10; then there will be a montage. I'm at 6 at the moment; so it won't be long :)

until next time :)


PS: I finally got the video uploaded to youtube. Through much swearing and going over and over the same form time and time again *dedication* It can be found here

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