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Friday, 24 February 2012

What I made today

---time travelling---

So I'm out of the time vortex. I've arrived at the 24th Feb. I was meant to write about something I made on that day. instead I'm going to catch you up on EVERYTHING I've made in the past 2 months.

I got myself 2 knitting books  this time. Inspired Cable Knits by Fiona Ellis and Modern Top Down Knitting by Kristina McGowan.

They are both fantastic books, full of inspiration for me and I've already made something out of  Modern top Down knitting (MTDK), a pair of slippers for a very great freind of mine, Charlotte who's 21 in May.

You have to cut around your foot on fabric(she used leather, but as I don't have part of a dead cow hanging about I used Fabric) The n you pierce it and knit in the round to make the slippers. I loved making them and am now wanting to make a pair for myself.

I have also knit quite a considerable bit on the Angelbears. These are the little knitted bears I made with the GB; except.... well I've made more than all of them put together. (I knew half of them wouldn't get one finished) I will post a picture of all of them before I send them off.

I have re-taken up the challenge of Nadine's Scarf. I have realised what was wrong with the old one and am sorting it out in the new design. I hope to hand it to her at Christmas.

Everything else knitting has been going along very smoothly.

---Cross sticthing ---
I cross stictch on Sundays. it's less cubersome than knitting in bed and even seems like a lot less work(even though I know it's actually MORE cus you have a very specific pattern) and I'm stitching my very own story village (picutres unavailable til I get it noticly finished.)

I have finished Night Circus AND the complete adventures of Sherlock Holmes, I am now reading House of Silk (a Sherlock phantom writer story) and the book everyone's talking about - Fifty shades of Grey. So far I love both of these books; though I think I am concentrating more on the Sherlock Holmes book than on the other. That's purely because of my personal taste.

--- Everything else ---
Everything else is still steady. I lost a little weight in April; put it back on in May and basically everything has stayed the same.

I'm off now back to the Future with my Doctor to do more posts. toodles

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