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Friday, 10 February 2012

Things I love ( A top 10)

---In Acending Order---

10. I love spoiling people
     Naturally I am a kind creature; I enjoy showing my friends how much they are loved.

9.I love being called Awesome
   When I dress up; when I knit something for someone I love the look on their face when they see it.    Then if they actually come over to me and say that I'm doing a good thing: I love that.

8.I love Lady Gaga
   When/If she announces her tour to here I will kill people for tickets

7.I love Coffee
   I love Coffee; but I have to say  Starbucks: I don't like. I prefer Costa or the good old coffee at home.
6.I love a Bargain
   More on this in a non-calendar post later

5.I love Food
   C'mon: look at the size of me: of course I love Food. Especially cooking food

4. I love my Friends
    Real, internety or imaginay. You are all dear to me :)

3. I love My Family
    Especially the parts with 4 legs

2.I love to Knit
   It is a rare thing to see me withount Yarn or not knitting.

1. I love Craig
   Lets Face it; You knew he was going to be No.1.

---Knitting update ---
Those little Innocence Hats are addidctive. I have 8 done. I hope to have number 10 before next post; then I can post the montage.

That's it really
Toodles Aki XXX

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