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Friday, 13 January 2012

What I would do If I won this week's lottery


I bought tickets today. Lottery tickets. I was too late to buy Euromillions tickets but I bought some tickets for tomorrow. I bought £5 worth - a £2 scratchcard; 2 Lucky Dips for Lotto and 1 lucky dip for the Thunderball.

Wish me luck

---If I win---

House would be the first thing on my mind. I'd want to build my own.... because I'm quite pernickety like that. I am forever drawing room and house sketches in notebooks and I think I'd have it down to a Tee.
Then I'd furnish the house. I'd want to make some of it myself; so I'd buy no cushions or soft furnishings. A part of me will even feel bad for buying bed linen, because I have a sewing Machine. That and there's numerous tutorials online for making you're own bed Linen... I might end up doing it anyway lol.

Then (since I have a craft room-hehe) I'd full it with Yarn; Fabric and everything a crafter could ever want. Including a spinning wheel. Yes. I want to learn how to spin. the current proportions for my house prohibits me from doing that. So likely I won't be learning til I have my own place. It looks like that will be a house with Craig.

I'm not sure how Craig will react to me bringing a Giant Spinning Wheel into the house and saying I'm going to make my own Yarn. He'd probably blow a gasket.

And to say I was sorry to Craig for dragging him through the whole House making and furnishing and the whole 'that Blue doesn't match that Blue' and the whole spinning thing; I'd buy him a Car to put in our Garage. I'm pretty sure a Delorian would get him back to liking me.

Then the rest of the money I'd put into a high intrest ISA. I'd Live off what Craig gets paid (because he'd want to stay in work; I might to keep the Yarn habit going) and once I get the massive kitchen sorted (with enough room for 15-20 people I'd host a Dinner Party. I do cook nice things when given half the Chance.

Then I'd calmly sit back and wait for Craig to spend some money on a ring. hehe. Then the whole planning thing will begin again... lols. God help him.


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