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Friday, 6 January 2012

Things that Have to Happen

Today I started going round a lot of blogs. I know I get some readers and I'm altogether grateful to have those few. It just seems so Bad when I look around and there are Blogs with20,50 or 100 followers.

So I really went on a 'Visit my blog' Campaign lol. I commented, I followed.... I did everything I could to make people come to my Blog. I even joined a Fibre Arts Blog Group (link) to get a good number to here.

This is the First Day of my Blog Challenge so Off we Go

--- Things that Have to Happen (top 5)---

1. I have to send these Guys off at Easter. My group at GB have Knit about 6 of them and I've contributed As many as I can. All in All we Have 10 Angelbears to Send off to the Girl. I'll take a picture of them all before I send them off.

2. Talking of GB - it has to have an End of an Era thing this year. Our Captain is retiring and as I know her quite well I have promised myself to not let myself cry at the closing cerimony/display

3. I have to knit myself a sweter this Year. I have the Yarn and the Pattern to do it - just seemingly not the time.

4. I want to Finish the Ethereal Shawl. It would only take me a good 5 hours to sit down and get the Darn thing done, then I could show it off on the blog and then perhaps I'd have a proper 'follow' Picture.

5. I want to order Yarn this year before Easter. When I have the money to spare and I'm not saving for the Holiday(because hopefully by the End of April it will be all paid for lol)

It's nearly certain that we're going on Holiday this year. AND I'm putting my foot down. I'm taking Knitting. Last year I didn't take any and had to buy the crapest thing ever (thread. not Yarn, Thread) and a set of needles (which were quite good for all the price of them) Why? I had nothing to do beside the pool from the 3rd Day. I had finished the book I brought and the pool was absoloutly full of Children. It also didn't look good to be going up to the Bar every half hour for cocktails. and I can't just sit. I feel like I'm wasting time if I just sit. I have to be doing something.

So this year I'm taking something. It will pobably be either Cotton or Lace, But it will be something. Any suggestions please leave a comment.

---That's pretty much  it.---
Well that's the First of many Blogs this Year. See ya all again on Tuesday.


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  1. The shawl is very pretty ... I am not so good at lace!