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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Thank You

---Thank You---

Thank  you for you're patience with me over the Last couple of weeks. Work has been hectic and I haven't really been able to knit much or even show that many finished objects or what I'm working on.

There's a very special person I also want to say Thank you to. That's my Craig.

Thank you for being with me all the time. Thank you that you didn't run screaming for the Hills the first time you seen me knit. Thank you for not calling me weird or strange everytime I complain about the project I'm on.Thank you for Driving me to town when I want.
Thank you for keeping up with my mood swings, my work schedule and my shopping Habits
Thank you for being my Camera-man. I hope you don't mind it (we're going to have to get a tripod-I want you in some of these videos.)
Thank you for Saying 'I love you' first. Thank you for being brave enough to ask me out.

Thank you for being mine. Love you sweetie

---Some knitting news---

Some of the knitters I know are deaming this month Selfish Knitting Month. Lets Face it you've spent the last 2-4 months Knitting for everyone execpt for youself for Christmas present. Indulge youself.

So I am. I've Cast on a pair of Socks for myself and a pair of Mitts in a Rusty Fluffy Yarn. Photos when they get to an approprate stage of completion. The sock pattern is Twisted Socks (socks) in Origami Sock Yarn. These are purple and White veritated.
The mitts are from my own mind. they're kind of basic and I'm adding a frill at the bottom for a feminine touch.

That's about it really - Talk to yas all again on Friday.

And one last Thank you to everyone who visited this blog because of the campaign that I done on Friday.
Toodles Aki X

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