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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Life MOT

Funnily enough my Car is going through MOT at the end of the week - coolio.

Overall Running Order - Good; a Few sniffles and I still never wear Socks but so Far no Cold this Year.

Love Life - Fantastic.    -10/10

Sizing issue - Lets not talk about my size. A lot of women want big Boobs, they don't know how hard it is to get a Bra, to not be looked at like a darn Floozie when you wear low cut. And Muffin top has a whole new meaning when you aremy size.

Knitting progress - Today's the 17th of January. It is still selfish knitting Month (except for charity knitting) so I still have stuff for myself on the needles.
  • I have Abalone OR 'try to get something out of these two Balls' Shawl. it works on a percentage system and I've worked it out to the Best of my ability.
  • I have 2 pairs of Socks - the Inspired by spring Socks and the Twisted Origami Socks. Both far from Completion.
  • I have the Mind Mitts using a very cunky Yarn called Brushstrokes.
  • And Last but by no means least I have the flossie bear pattern. ===> Yes; I'm finally making him. I bought myself some new Yarn including crofters Fair-isle for his face and various shades of purples and wines for his jumper. Photos will be up when it in any way resembles a bear. I know it's supposed to be a Hot water bottle cover but I'm just going to fill it with stuffing and make him to a pillow.

Overall MOT score 29/ 40 - (B)

(I would have Failed if I was a Car lol - but as a human bought up in an education system - B is good. Not great but good)


PS: A little note for those who have tried to view the video I am uploading to Youtube. It ain't happening. I pretty much need to be able to sit infront of the computer for 5+ hours and not let the screensaver go on, I have learned that this re-sets the timing.

So basically the next time Craig is at the Rugby and I'm at home on my lonesome I will try again to upload it.

I have asked my cameraman if there is any possiblility to decrease the File size - maybe by not recording in HD. we're going to try this with the next video. I hope to God it works.

PPS: I didn't win the lottery. The custom house will have to wait.


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