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Friday, 27 January 2012

Knitting catch-up

OK; it's been awhile since I blogged about my knitting. Since it is STILL selfish January there are still only things for me going on on the needles. We have...
  • The Abalone Shawl - (AKA: What can you make out of 2 balls of 75% discount yarn) {Pattern:link} [my Rav Link)
  • The Twisted socks in origami Yarn - I don't think I'm going to like these socks... I HOPE the yarn might be better after blocking.... [Rav link]
  • Inspired by spring socks - in forgotten Rico yarn; these are my my bus buddy socks at the moment. They have taken up the room that the monkey socks used to be in; and are coming with me on bus journeys or if I know that I'm going to be waiting awhile. [Rav link]
  • The pair of Mitts from the weird Brushstrokes Yarn - A pattern that I'm pulling directly from my head. I will therefore be the only person to blame if it goes wrong.
Then there's the Charity knitting: The innocence Hats. I've make 6.5 so far. My target is 20 so I'm well on the way.

----In other news----
We've finally got round to booking our holiday. We're going to Gran Canaria on the 7th of July for 10 days. ^.^ so excited!!!!
So since I'm putting my foot down this year I need a project to take with me. It needs to be light, because Gran canaria is 45C on a normal day in July. That's warm for me: a girl who's used to 10s and 20 is a hot day here. So I won't be working on an aran sweater by the pool.
It needs to be interesting; but not conversation stopping. I can't tell you how many times during the Ethral Shawl that I stopped mid-sentence and Craig had to check if I was breathing.
Gran Cararia's Expensive to fly to; so the Yarn needs to be relativly cheap. I'm talking £15 for the entire project.
It's 10 days. it needs to last me 10 days. Socks and all that when I'm not working usually take me 4 days, 5 tops.
Any suggestions?

Aki X

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