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Sunday, 8 January 2012

New year's resolutions

I think I should put these out there- while they're fresh in my mind. Last year's lasted til March; so I'm determined not to let that happen again.

1. Read 1000 pages of books per month (not Magazines or Manga) (books do include Night Circus; Gun Seller, Yarn Harlot's books (3-wound up; free range & Yarn Harlot) Big Girl knits; Heritage Knots; , Rose Labyrinth;
And any other book I see as great and orderable.

2. Blog Challenge (more on that soon)

3. Wear more Makeup. (seriously- I have LOADS and never wear it lol)

4. Make something For Craig at least once every month. (this excludes Selfish January) because - He's special.

5. Read my Grannie's Stitch binder (she learned how to sew, knit and make stuff from this when she was a Mom at the tender age of 25 - it was one of the only things I took from her house when she died. That and her Giant collection of buttons)

6. I will try not to cry at the GB display this year. Even though I probably will.

7. Make myself a dress- one that fits me. Not that Sausage Facory reject dress that's sitting in my closet.

That's it. I'd appreciate any encouragement for any of these 7. It doesnt have to be here- or even to my face; just a prayer; a referral of a friend to here (I'd love it if I got up to 20 listed readers) or even a 'read ur blog you are doing great' on FB (Ellisa Haddock- Add me)



  1. I too resolved to read more this year, but it will mean knitting less ;-)

    Do you join in on any of the blog circles every week? That is a great way to get lots of readers.

  2. Blog circles? I don't know about them; sorry. Can you refer me to one of tell me what one you're on?

  3. It's so nice to see a new 'face' on Andrea's weekly get together.
    I look forward to seeing what you're up to as the year progresses!