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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

What I made today

---Mr. Kate's Bow ties---
I logged onto Youtube to try yet again to upload a video and a person who I'm subscribed to Had posted a new tutorial. The Upload bar says it's going to take 290 minutes so I watch the new tutorial.

Here's Mr. Kate (link to video) who showed me how to do it. and here's mine.

I sewed the seams on mine - because I didn't have an iron Handy but my sewing machine was just sitting there. the rest I used the glue like you are supposed to. I also added an old odd earring I found lying about to jazz it up.

I'll probaby wear it the next couple of Days. maybe even to work.

I'm so proud of it lol. and now that the sewing machine's on I might make myself A little something else. something to actually wear.

Luff from Aki XXX

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