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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Things that will never happen (top 5)

  1. I'll never open another blog. This one's trouble enough lol. Even if I do get my dream and Open up a Shopthis will be the blog everyone's directed to lol
  2. Now that I've had an Iphone: I don't think I'll ever go to any other type. I might just go up a number or a letter. Anything else feels like a step backwards
  3. I know I'll never be a size 14 again.... or a 10 or anything below that.... that is without a personal trainer or going under the knife
  4. I will never use up the Yarn in my stash. There's stuff in there; like 1 skein of Manos Lace; that I just don't want to do anything with. It all just seems unworthy.
  5. I will never get bored of Sims. there always seems to be something else todo; and most of the time I just can't tear myself away from it. If I ever say 'I'm bored of sims' or 'there's nothing else to do with XCDX family' then shoot me: I am being very badly impersonated.
Toodles X
from Aki

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