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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Things that will never happen (top 5)

  1. It seems that I'll never complete the Garns Bolero. I found it in a Deep Stash raid the other day. The guage is off and since I've lost weight it hangs off me in an unattractive way.
  2. I'll never win the Lottery (God: prove me wrong)
  3. I'll never find a good use for the masses of Curling ribbon that I have. Although it always seems to disappear around the time I wrap presents in December; which is so far: the only use I have for it.
  4. I will never know how to cook Lobster or Blue cheese; given that I'm allergic to one of them and can't stand the look of the other.
  5. I will never own a Farrari, a Lamborgini or a Bugatti. Toyota all the way :)

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