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Friday, 6 January 2012

Blog Challenge List

OK; I missed a few Days in the Video and repeated a few days and stuff like that. With as little Change as I can manage here's the list for the entire year. I'll be posting on Tuesdays and Fridays

6th Jan - Things that Have to Happen
10th Jan - Thank you
13th Jan - What I'd do If I won this weeks Lotto
17th Jan - Life MOT
21st Jan - Quote of the Day
24th Jan - Things that will never Happen
27th Jan - Nicest Thing Ever
31st Jan - Worst. Day. Ever
3rd Feb - My Work
7th Feb - Red Day
10th Feb - Things I love (A top 10)
14th Feb - A Logical World
17th Feb - My Guilty Pleasure
21st Feb - ***Missing Day***
24th Feb -  What I made today
28th Feb - Etzy Rumble
2nd Mar - Good News!
6th Mar - VIDEO - Excited Dog
9th Mar - My Last Purchace
13th Mar - VIDEO - Night Make - up
16th Mar - VIDEO - New's Broadcast
20th Mar - Draw your ideal Home (Paint)
23rd Mar - Where's Lady?
27th Mar - Tutorial: What to do with old.....
30th Mar - ***Missing Day***
3rd Apr - In my Handbag
6th Apr - My FB today
10th Apr - What on TV now & opinions
13th Apr -  IQ test
17th Apr - Craig
20th Apr - Recipe
24th Apr - You May have Forgotten
27th Apr - Life
1st May - Something you didn't Expect
4th May - Discovery!
8th May - ***Missing Day***
11th May - VIDEO -  Self Interview
15th May - Books on my shelf
18th May - Tutorial: Make it Day
22nd May - Today as my Laft Hand
25th May - Orange Day
29th May - What I love most about Knitting
1st June - Video Gaming
5th June - Babies
8th June - Good Lord!
12th June - Worst present EVER
15th June - What I wore today
19th June - ***Missing Day***
22nd June - How many days til Christmas?
26th June - My Make-up collection
29th June - A cake recipe
3rd July - What I got for my Birthday (that IS my Birthday lol)

6th July - 31st July - **** SUMMER BREAK****

3rd Aug - Creepy
7th Aug - My Fwends
10th Aug - Recipe
14th Aug - Green Day
17th Aug - Attention please!
21st Aug - Doodle Me!
24th Aug - My Name is... (Baby Dictonary)
28th Aug - ***Missing Day***
31st Aug - Knittied Weirdness
4th Sept - Remember This???
7th Sept - Today as a Fork
11th Sept - A Hidden Talent
14th Sept - Etzy Rumble
18th Sept - VIDEO - News Broadcast
21st Sept - My Shoes!
25th Sept - VIDEO - Day Make-up
28th Sept - Yellow Day
2nd Oct - What's on TV now and opinions
5th Oct - The Perfect Day
9th Oct - Anti-Aging
12th Oct - My DVD collection
16th Oct - Things that Don't work
19th Oct - Culture Explosion
23rd Oct - Invisable for a Day
26th Oct - My Perfume Collection
30th Oct - Best Present Ever
2nd Nov - Things that Scare me
6th Nov - Thins That make me Angry
****Winter Break****

---Missing Days---
(I re-drew them from the Days left over)
21st Feb - Worth
30th Mar - One Day I hope to...
8th May - I love Craig - Here's Why
19th June - VIDEO - Me Knitting
28th Aug - VIDEO - Tour of My stash

Great! - I hope to see lots of people getting involved!

Apologies for the video yesturday - it seems to not have uploaded at all - I'm trying again today and will fix the Link when I can :)

Toodles XXX

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