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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Day 10

Day 10 - what I love about my job

I don't. I work in tescos, behind a checkout... I don't love my job; I tolerate my job. it is a job I can do well and get paid well for (more than what I was getting paid in the Silver store anyway, and even more than what Craig is getting paid an hour)

I love that I HAVE a job. let me tell you; it sucks not having a job; completely and utterly. you feel worthless and that you're life is going nowhere. Up a certain creek without a certain instrument some may say.

I want my dream job though (wouldn't we all) and that'd be to open my own shop. selling (you guessed it) Yarn, needles and every knitting related thing you can think of.
That dream is far away if it's going to come true: it won't be for a good lot of years on anyone's calendar.

Here's hoping time goes faster or a big pot of money falls on me while I sleep
Much love Aki XXX

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