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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Day 22

Day 22 - Some place I've traveled

Craig and I went to Spain in the summer; Costa Dorada to be more exact, we spent one day in Barcelona... which was great.

I've already shown most of the pictures of this trip so... here's a picture of where we'll be at tomorrow night.

Carrick on Ice (or Carrickfergus Ice rink)

I hope I won't fall on my Arse. I also hope I won't do a Tsuga-san and fall on my face.

Craig is quite good at skating and when were at Dundonald Ice skating last year I was really impreseed by how gracefull my man can look with blades straped to his feet while I am gripping the sides of the barriers; holding on for dear life and trying not to do the splits.

I had pictured us going round the rink hand in hand like they do in vintage movies, only craig pointed out that if we do that and either of us (most likely me) falls then the other will come down too; then we'd be screwed. I'll be taking my camera so hopefully I'll be getting some shots of me and Craig on the ice to show to all of you.

Tomorrow I am also meeting up with Jenni; we're checking out the new Yarn Store in Carrick (it's called Parlour Yarns, it's in the scotch quarter Courtyard. Out through the archway. I hope it'll be good. we'll be knitting until I have to leave at about 4 for Criag coming home :)

I also have to say that tomorrow it will be exactly 1 week til the end on the month. that means only one more week of blogging everyday. I think I'll miss it. I know that hardly anyone reads this little thing I have going; I caught Craig out the other day; even he's stopped following this.

So I know I'm probably speaking to no-one when I write this. it's funny that when I say something wrong that every person and their mother is on me; saying I'm terrible; but when I write about the normal stuff; the kntting and the baking and the random exerpts into my life: no-one comes up to me and says 'I read your blog. it was fantastic' (that may be reaching too far) or even 'I read ur blog' as far as I know 3 ppl read this blog. It's annoying if you know you're speaking to no-one, but I at least have 3.

A big hi and gracious 'how ya doin?' to the ppl who read this. All I'd ask for is a like on FB or a little comment here or there to spir me on.



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