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Monday, 7 November 2011

NaBloPoMo (and we're back)

---Day 7---
I manage these pretty easily actually. mostly because I don't  have children (lol) my work life is mainly at the weekends (unless I somehow get overtime.) I see my Man most days in the week (except Tuesdays) and my crafting with knitting and the blog and GB keeps me going most of the rest of the time.

I'm also saving as much money as possible. Craig and I have plans. not Massive plans.... just plans. trouble is I need quite a bit of money to do all I want to do for us.

---For the rest of the week---
I will be getting chrismas presents ready. I have 2 birthdays before then but they're sorted.I will be stitching; knitting and shopping for the next 47 days (that's how long it is...craptacular right)

I have 14 to get for this year (and my Craig. which might as well make it 20)That's quite a few. I'm not knitting for all of them (thank God) but there are gonna be some which get a little knitted item in their bags from me. (if it's not knitted then it'll be fabric and stitched on my sewing machine.

I will be doing a big one on the sewing machine today (well brecking the back of it anyway) while I'll be knitting a pair of socks for Linsday for the rest of today. (that's the Faroe socks... they're still confusing me a little; but I'm nearly done)

I have to make 2 (possibly 3) hats and finish 2 pairs of socks (they're both started; just not finished.)

Then I have a project I'd like to do for myself.

That's Flossie bear from a pattern I got a while ago. the pattern says it's supposed to be just stuffed as a bear; but I'm going to add a flap and a couple of buttons so I can make it a hot water bottle cover. My own hot water bottle cover has been on it since I was 7. it's Pink and matted fur. inside is a large red hot water bottle, ready for covering.

I've already got the yarn to do this in (I'm going with a gothy bear. Purples and blacks for the pattern and  the original brown-y colour for the face and background) and I managed to find a place that does little tiny bobins of Yarn for 72p, which is ideal if you're doing fair-isle-y pattern like this.

I have a feeling I'm going to love knitting this bear. the pattern wants the bear to be knit in 2 separete pieces and then stitched up each side. Instead I'm goin to double the number of cast on stitches and make it so I only have to seam 1 side and each end. That's great because then it'd be really easy to attach a small layer of stuffing so the heat from the hot water bottle is even and will last longer.

But all that won't happen until the Christmas crafting is done.I've just looked to the side and realized that half of the projects listed don't actually exist anymore and ravelry is a much better source for my knitting timelines.

Oh God- I've just remembered. I have a shawl to finish aswell; for a wedding. Crap, this is going to be tight.

Off to sew and eat Lunch

Aki X

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