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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

NaBloPoMo - 8

Ok; the prompt for today on blogher was...disturbing. So I'm going back to SoFawned's prompts. so today is....

November 8th 2011
The Last thing I bought

(I wondered if this includes online ordering... then I remembered the only thing I don't buy on the internet is food and realised it'd have to be that.)

The Last thing I bought was for my signficant other for Christmas. He knows I've ordered it for him so I'm ok to mention it lol.

It's Assassin's Creed: Revelations and it looks pretty good. Both myself and Craig follow the story of the assassin's creed games. I havn't finished the 1st game yet and he's done all of them. I havn't finished because I am obsessed with getting all the secret things, like the flags and killing ALL the templars.
Turns out this takes a long time... and you don't really even get anything for it.

PS3 released the trophies programme after AC2; so I can't wait to play AC2. Craig is already well ahead of me in trophies because of the Assassin's creed franchise. I will hopefully soon catch up when I finish AC1.

I've preordered this Game for Craig. it will arive about the 15th of November; but unless he begs he won't get it til Christmas day, in his gift package.

And with that; I am fresh out of ideas for Craig. I've spent just over a third of my budget and now I'm out of ideas. He will of course get something knitted (if it works lol) but apart from that; I'm stumped. He has enough clothes to survive for quite some time if the world suddenly had a washing machine shortage and he doesn't wear aftershave unless he's going out to a nice restaurant with me. He used to like Model making but since his job takes up most of his time now... he doesn't have time for it. He likes chocolate and wine... but by the time everyone else buys him stuff chocolate and wine are falling out of his ears lol.

In short; I'm fecked.

Now I'm off to search amazon for something to get him. Something that shows I love him as much as I do. He has it easy; flowers, jewellery and something cuddly or smelly and I'm a happy girl.

Toodles; blog again tomoroow
Aki X

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