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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Day 3 NaBloPoMo

---Day 3 (November 3rd 2011)---

Music? no; I can't listen to music while I write. or I end up thinking of something completely different than what I was going to write. or I end up writing the words instead of my next idea.

I can listen to music while Driving, Shopping and while knitting (as long as it's not Lace) but I do prefer Podcasts to actual music. I am subscribed to 30 podcasts currently and I listen to new ones when they come out. This does sometimes mean that people stare at me on the bus when I laugh at something that Kristin from Knit happens says. Then I'm the strange LAUGHING knitting lady on the bus instead of just the strange lady who's knitting on the bus..

I don't discover new music that often becasue most of the time I don't like radio. they always seem to repeat the songs that I listen to on my Ipod anyway.

So in short: no

---Knitting update---
My other half is sick. This means that I get to care for the sick at night and knit during the day while he's at work. thanks to that and 3 long bus journeys in 2 weeks (and another next week) I am onto my last pattern repeat on the 1st of my Faroe socks for my Future sister in Law. is it going to be a Fair-isle knee high sock in two weeks? I think it might. if so; I'm making these bad boys again for myself in brown.

Toodles Blog again tomorrow :)

Aki X

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