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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Day 15

Day 15: Some style inspiration for the season.

It's cold. Gosh Darn cold out there. We seem to get horror stories of snow coming next week or tomorrow or similar types of things.

Wrapping up warm is essential. A lot of people loved a couple of days ago when I posted the Tommy Hilfliger tunic and said I could make the thing and save over £100. so I'm going to do that a little bit more, purely for wrapping up warm-ness that is this season


Get some Yarn/wool on that lovely head of yours! my first comparison is this >
That's a white beret, siple ribbed bottom with cable pattern and traveling stitch pattern in a cream Aran weight yarn. I read the Label; it's 97% Acrylic (plastic) and 3% Elastene (cus their ribbing was obviously not tight enough.

Now; I could make this Hat. I don't even have to go out and buy the Yarn; as I have it in my stash. Now if memoory serves me I believe I bought the ball on Yarn in Question at £8. (and that's a 400g ball- a biggie; I could make 5 hats out of a ball that big)

So that's £8 for Yarn and say I didn't have the needles (I do; but still), they'd cost me £2
So £10 for the hat in total; and I'd have a LOT of yarn left over... sounds about right.

But what does the major designer want to charge you; the customer?

That's an almost 60% markupand you don't even get the Yarn left over???

Arm yourself with a padded bra, t-shirt and Cabled Jacket. These are becoming popualar. With Designers coming out with Cabled Capes, Sweaters,  and the ever popular cardi; there's a lot to choose from. Take this example >

It is again Cream Aran weight Yarn (also 100% acylic/plastic) and I'll say that you'd need about 2-3 balls of the Aran weight yarn that I'm talking about to re-produce this cardi.

So 8x3 = £24
and again for the needles (again:I have them; but still)
£4 (circular needles that are needed are expensive)

so that £28 altogether, and say I didn't like the crossing cables up the button band (I don't; they're hideous) then I could change them.... leave them plain or do some other cabling that wasn't tight, one sided, cross cable.

How much I hear you ask!

£69.95. that is a 120% mark-up. that means for the price I'd pay for this Cardi I could knit myself 2.
And because Yarn comes in more shades than designer clothes; I could make it in a colour that won't drain the colour out of my face (like cream would)

Also; I've just realised; I'd have to work 10 hours to get the designer; I'd only have to work 4 to get my own.

Let's see what's next

I know girls my age will never wear a wollen/knitted skirt or trousers (because I will never wear them either) so I'll post an other category.

Scarfs are those one things that a knitter has always tried. it is the downfall of many 1st time knitters because they see it as easy. (a nice big long rectangle; how hard can in be?) and they cast on.
Within the first 20 rows (or 10 if you're unlucky) a 1st time knitter will have added a stitch (accidentally) , dropped 2 (accidentally) and probably lost all intrest in the yarn, the craft and even wanting a scarf in the first place.

It never occured to that first time knitter that the average scarf is 6 ft long... and will take at least 5 balls (100g) of the yarn she's chosen. and if my calulations are correct that would mean 457 rows (4mm) before even coming near the 6 foot mark.

Scarfs however are nice and warm. Here's a nice simple one I found in the same designer store as the hat and the cardi. >

It's a very large guage moss stitch  cowl done in the same Aran weight yarn as before (can you sense that this store likes cream?)

This scarf can only really take 1 400g ball. if it takes any more... I'd be really surprised to say the least.

So that's £8 and again £2 for the needles. = £10

Price of said scarf in the designer shop that when you look in their window there's a giant pair of knitting neddles, A big ball of cloth and  a big plaqard saying that they only choose the best Yarn to make all their knitted items (plastic? that's the best you can find?)

is £25.95
That is again a 150% mark-up. (I even managed to get the label in the photo showing it's 100% Acylic; arent I smart :)

I think that's all the ranting I can do for today on this subject


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