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Sunday, 6 November 2011

NaBloPoMo day 6

---Today's comtent is...... ---

November 6th: A book I'm reading at the moment

Thank the lord it's a quite easy one.

I know I talked about my books before I started this but I'll now talk about all the books that I'm reading at the moment.

1. Night Circus.
I Lave this book. I lave the black edged pages I lave the way the story jumps between seemingly 4 different time plots and I love that every so often there are very detailed descriptions of the acts of the circus. Awe-inspirig and mysterious.

A 5 star from me.

2. Free Range Knitter (Yarn Harlot)

Surprisingly I havn't finished this yet. I keep reading and reading and my bookmark never seems to move any further. fantasic read, so I hope I don't suddenly one day come to the back cover and be like DAMN!... only to remember that I have her next book (all wound up) sitting waiting to be started

And those are the olny books I'm reading at the moment.Unlike Knitting projects I find that I can't really concentrate when I have more than 2 books going. whereas I think the most knitting projects I've ever had going was well in double figures. 17/18 i think lol.

Blog again tomorrow :)

Toodles Aki X

PS: as an avid Lady Gaga fan I will be supporting her in the EMAs tonight :D

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