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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Day 20

Day 20

---On my days off---

I actually consider myself to be a very good cook. I have enough cookbooks to paper the house; at nights there's nothing that I love more than sitting down infront of a good cooking programme. My sky + planner is full of Barefoot Contessa, Masterchef, 2 greddy italians and Heston's feasts.

I am however not really allowed to cook in my mother's kitchen. My mother thinks that a good plate of food is something that doesn't involve that much prep or cleaning up afterwards. which is why I have been brought up on one-pot stews, pre-made pies and mountains of Freezer chips

My mother doesn't believe in herbs; which is why whenever I grew corriander this spring the Garden's brown bin got more of it than we ever did.

I have to give my mum 2 weeks notice if I'm to cook ANYTHING at the moment on her calendar I have written for a baking day sometime next week.

I plan on making gingerbread families and vanilla hearts. If I can't do it; then I want to do it the week after; cus then I'll have home-baked goodies for the christmas party that I'm planning.

Pictured is a Chicken and Mushroom pie I made during the summer for Our dinner. It was done in Craig's house; cus mum won't allow me to cook.


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