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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Day 17

Day 17

---My family---
My Mummy and Daddy are not my biological Mother and Father. I am adopted. Not many people know this about me. I always find that when I tell them I get a high pitched 'Are ya?' then an Awww as if I'm a small child.

I don't know my real Mother or Father. Nor will I ever. They left me; I have a fantastic Life and I have no want for them.

I will however show everyone pictures of people that I consider my family.

---My Mommy and Daddy---

(taken at a wedding. I just kinda went MUM! and took a photo)

(Craig- again taken at the same wedding; only he knew I wanted a photo. Note the gorgeous face and lovely blue tie :) lols)


Quite a few people call me Mommy.they are not biologically my daughters; but they're just as close anyway.
According to Facebook I have 6 daughters. That's not counting the MOB at GB which calls me mommy ( you all know who you are ¬ ¬)

I'm not posting any pictures of them; there's far too  many. They all know I love them altoghter dearly and not one more than the other.

Few have seen and like Lady (even fewer ppl Lady acually likes herself)

Pictured here asleep on Craig's foot. (Poor craig didn't want to move. 'What if I hurt her?' lols)

Even if you don't call me mommy and are just freinds with me I do believe that friends are actually better. that way: it doesn't make me feel old.
I still concider all me friends as almost family. because; as my very early life shows: blood means nothing :)

From Aki
(aka; Mommy, Mum, Mama, Lise, Mommy Lise and just plain Ellisa)


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