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Friday, 4 November 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 4

---Day 4---

It depends. If I'm going to read something out; or if I'm writing a story for my blog then I prefer computers. However; If I am posting a letter to someone or writing a Love note to my better half (I've wrote him some... none have came back :'( darn ) then I prefer writing on Pen and paper. I also prefer drawing with my hands rather than on the computer.

(wow; that was a short I feel bad...)

---Knitting Update---
The last repeat didn't take too long. I'm now onto turning the heel on the Faroe socks. They've (the designer) done it in a weird way... so I'm having to look at the pattern every 10 seconds to make sure I'm doing it right. So far plenty of swearing and not much of the heel done lol.

Til tomorrow when I get to blog again; this time from my phone. (I'm preparing for the worst and will be probably doing blog recovery on Monday lol.


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