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Monday, 21 November 2011

Dad's leg

My dad has been laid up this past week or so with cellulitis in his left leg. It's a good 30cm of infected area, about 10cm below the knee. Picture attached may be gruesome. (it's at the bottom) just scroll past it if u don't want to see it

So my dad's lying in bed. And he sees a cobweb on the ceiling. Shocked: he calls my OCD mother. Who quickly gets onto the bed with a duster and flings it to the corner to catch the spiderweb. She stupidly try's to catch it and falls off the bed. 1 leg first. Straight into a wall.

Needless to say; both my parents are at the moment bedridden; both not really able to walk; but one feels picked on; the other just feels stupid.

I am however playing nanny to both these people. And a dog; who wonders where everybody is most of the time. Which has affected my knitting time and my blogging time.

Please bear with me

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