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Tuesday, 1 November 2011


(lol the title looks tike I sneezed and hit the keyboard)

(or National Blog Post Month)

I'm taking on a challenge: to blog once a day for an entire month; this is all set out in BlogHer's website (google it)
So I'll be starting on it today. The posts don't have to be long; they just have to be a post. There are prompts everyday so I will be following those, unless I have something else to write about. This is my first time doing this (even though it's been running for awhile so Here goes.

I enjoy writing normally; I have a perminant notebook in my handbag that I write in whenever I get an idea. I've had to replace that notebook twice this year... once because I spilled coffee on it mid March and another time because it was full of ideas. The current book is close to finishing. These ideas rarely make it to the blog and are instead imortalizsed on a shelf I have at home. The pages are mostly full of drawings or if I have a craft show table layouts or diplay ideas.
A few pages are ideas for short stories and I used one of these in the craft blog for a week thingy I done in April.
The last few pages I've done in this book is about a jacket which I want to knit myself. it's based off a carigan which I seen in a very expensive Shop:
Tommy Hilfiger.

The cardigan is gorgeous in itself... but I'm sorry I am not prepared to pay £180 for a cardigan that I could make myself (for all my american readers that's around of $280)
I am alos sorry that I won't fit into any of those cardigans. a size UK14 is their XL? (US- I think that's a 12; not sure) I'm sorry; I have quite a big set of both Boobs and Arse. the last time I fit into a 14: I was 14. i am now a 21 yr old and bordering on a 18-20. I dont see myself loosing a tonne of weight just so I can fit into an overpriced cardigan thanks.

This was also a machine knit. Badly macine knitas it was puckering in a teardrop shape on the sleeves. Which got me. £180 a pop and you can't even employ a knitter to give you advice? nice work

So my version of this cardigan will be knit as follows:
Still in the Red background and still  ribbed in the same places. still fair-isle patterned in Black and cream but in more complicated shapes than they have here. There will aso be no bank area around the hips. £180? I cam comfortably make this in £50 and still have Yarn left over for a matching hat and cowl.

I'm fully commited to doing this now, but I will start it probaby after christmas; when the mountain of things that I want to get finished are actually finished (hopefully)

That's me; talk to everyone tomorrow; don't know what it is going to be about; as this website doesn't let you see what tomorrow's promp is for example. I think that's better for me. Keeps me on my toes.


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