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Friday, 25 November 2011

Day 25

Day 25: A childhood Anecdote

( I just had to look up what an anecdote is)

I remember when I was about 7 or 8 I had a baking fit with my friend who lived up my street. We used to make 'potions' from bits and bobs that we found in the garden. we'd then leave them in the kitchen or in the fridge for Mum to find or to try.

These were not the nice potions. we mostly started with either water or Mud. we'd then add grass, weeds and Rhubarb from my dad's rhubarb patch. we'd then finish it up with sugar (sand) and leave in the mug while we played.

One day: I was obviously sick of going to the fridge and all my lovely potions would be gone. (Mum always said that Daddy drank it all lol) and decided instead to make a cake.

I took a bowl from the kitchen cupboard; and this was a special cake; so it was one of the special bowls that mum only takes out for christmas. And went into the Garden. I had a buscuit base (gravel and sand) with a Mud and water filling. I then decoreted the top with more sand and grass
There was no rhubarb in this cake. God only knows why.

I then decided that the cake needed to bake. so I put the bowl in the oven.

It was here that my mum discovered what I was doing. According to her the conversation went like this:

Me: Mummy how do you turn the cooker on?
Mum: .......... why?
Me: I'm baking Daddy a cake (proudly)
Mum: no you're not
Me: BUT MUM! it's made and all; it just has to be heated!

My mum then came up to the kitchen and found me with the oven door open and me twidling the knobs on the oven.

I still get told that this is why my mother won't allow me to cook. As a joke. My dad still tells me about the amount of times I shouted at him for drinking all my potion.

I was more of a boy than a girl lol


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