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Friday, 11 November 2011

Day 11

Day 11:

Wish 1:
nuff said.
Wish 2:

I would like a house. preferbly far away from my mother...

what? she'd end up cleaning MY house too

Wish 3:

Lets Face it; you knew there was going to be Yarn in here somewhere. This is Handspun Laceweight done by my Etsy shop favourite, Lunayarns.
she actually lives in England (Colcester actually) and most of her handspun makes me weak at the knees, this skein was sold recently for £41; which is out of me pre-christmas price range but her sock yarn (at £15) calls to me in a sweeter... almost ' you actually can hgave me' tone. wandering around etsy is dagerous... escpecailly for me.

That's about it lol


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