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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Day 12 - NaBloPoMO

Day 12: 3 blogs I can't get enough of

Yarn Harlot blog
This was the first blog that made me want to get a blog of my own and show the world how and what I do.

(and now; becasue I don't really follow any other blogs as much as I do Yarn Harlot's I will list something else that helps me knit ; podcasts)

2 podcasts I can't get enough of

Knit Happens
I love this podcast; they talk about nearly everything but knitting; they're itunes Explicit; which means they swaer and stuff, but they are very good

Cast on

This is the first knitting podcast I ever listened to. I really got into her style of story telling. A must-listen for anyone with sticks and an ipod/iphone/iwhatever

That's us until tomorrow

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